Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back in the saddle...

It's been almost a year (End of September) since I hit my lowest weight (under 250) in this journey. By October, life started getting in the way. In January, I attended my last Zumba class. I let my gym membership lapse. This time it was death, not life, that intervened. As I mentioned previously, my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and died just 5 weeks later.  My priorities were on taking care of my family.

Amazingly, my weight has not gone up! This morning I weighed in at 247!

Over the past month, I've started walking again. Not as much  as if like, more than I did the month before. Life continues to offer resistance. My kids are at VBS every night this week. So last night I decided to walk while they were at church. Just as I got to the track, the pastor's wife called. My daughter was sick.  Plans had to change. Tonight, I did make it to the track. But unlike last night's cool, overcast temperature, it was HOT! I checked the temperature AFTER I walked 2 miles.  Oops!

Honestly, I don't know how fast my progress will be. But it will be forward.  Next month, in addition to working full time, I will be homeschooling two kids (6th grade and 11th grade). If that is t enough, I'm going back to school! After almost 25 years, I'm going for my masters!!

I don't know how often I'll make it here to blog, but I'll stop by when I can.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Blood Work and Trying to Find my Motivation

Before I started my weight loss journey (December 2012) my doctor ran blood work.  My cholesterol, which has been borderline for years, was 186.  After 6 months of consistent exercise, a healthy diet, and losing 50 pounds, we tested again July 2013).  It was 228.  I was very discouraged, but agreed to start Lipitor.  In December, it dropped to 186 (close to where it had been before losing the weight).  From October to January, my exercise was very limited.  Since February (when my FIL was diagnosed with liver cancer), I have not had a single workout.  And my diet has not been good.  I have maintained (within about 5 pounds) my weight loss.  Today, I got the results of my latest cholesterol test.  I had to double check that I was reading the right line.  134. That's like normal people level!

In case you are interested.....I have been really struggling to get back on track lately.  From October to November, I was able to at least do some exercise a couple of times a week.  Since my FIL's diagnosis on February, I have not been to the gym (let my membership lapse) or taken a walk. (Actually, I think I did one walk around the block at work.)  My eating hasn't been great either.  

But the amazing thing is that I have been able to maintain most of my loss.  

I've been having some weird health issues.  For the past few months, I have been exhausted just going about my normal day.  I've had issues with heart palpitations.  I had a workup of my heart (ultrasound looks good and I passed the treadmill test).  Nobody seems to know what is wrong.  I keep trying to get back out there.  And I will.  I'm not going back.  I just seem to be stuck here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gone by not forgotten

Hi all.  I promised my self a long time ago that I would never apologize for not blogging.  I blog to share my journey.  I blog to process my thoughts.  But I don't blog because I have to fulfill a schedule. 

Last time I posted, I shared that my FIL had been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.  He was diagnosed on February 1.  We had 4 more weeks with him, and entered Heaven on March 4th.  Our family is struggling to find our new normal.

Health wise, I have been on the back burner.  During the weeks before and after his death, people brought food, and I ate whatever they brought.  It's been three weeks, and I need to back on track. We are going to be out of town this weekend, so maybe next week....

I haven't been exercising at all either. I gave up my gym membership because I knew I wouldn't be able to use it while Dad was on hospice care. And, as much as I love my Zumba teacher, we are probably going to switch to a gym that has an indoor pool so my husband and son (who have problems with their legs) will be able to exercise.

I have been gone, but I have not forgotten.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 It's been a while since I've been here, and I've been wanting to update everyone.  But life has been crazy (crazier than usual!) lately.

I was overwhelmed at the beginning of the year.  And that was before the craziness came in.  During the first couple of weeks of the year, we had two people (adults) we knew who decided they could no longer face the physical pain they were in.  They both chose to give up the fight.  One was about a month older than me.

Then we had a school shooting in town.  Fortunately there were only two injuries (no deaths).  The shooter was not a gang banger drug addict from a broken home.  He was a good kid, from an intact family. This is a family we know well as we attend the same church.  This really rocked our church and our community.

Then, my uncle was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.

Two weeks later, my father-in-law (who has has been sick since February) was diagnosed with an aggressive form of liver cancer that is not treatable.  We share a home with my in-laws.  

Both my FIL and my uncle are in hospice care.

The day after my FIL's diagnosis, my aunt died after a long battle with dementia and other health issues. (She had been in hospice care for a while).  Her husband is not doing well.  And another aunt has been in the hospital.

As you can tell, life has been overwhelming.  I am lucky to make it to the gym once a week.  I'm trying to get moving with walking again.

The good news in all of this is that I am maintaining my weight loss.  No new lower numbers. But at least the scale is staying (pretty much) in place.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I know I haven't been posting much lately.  Life has been a bit crazy.  Three generations of men in my home have been very sick.  My schedule has been overwhelming.  And I got a bit off track.  I'm happy to report, however, that my recent detour did not lead to derailment!  My lowest recorded weight was the end of September at 247.3.  Today, I weighed in at 249.4.  I consider that a success.  I have not been consistent with my eating.  And, while I haven't totally binged, I have enjoyed more than my fair share of treats over the holiday.  I have averaged about 1-2 workouts a week.

Honestly, I think my body needed a bit of a break.  (Someone referred to it a "maintain break".)  When I started one year ago, I went full-on, no holds barred, over the top.  Which I needed to do.  But I could not maintain that pace indefinitely.  

I am back to work, but I'm going to have to figure some things out. I love Zumba and my Zumba teacher. But 6:30 every night makes family time difficult.  I'm hoping to still go at least once a week, but I need to find other things to do.  They may not be as fun as Zumba, but they will have to do. 

I still have a long way to go, but I am proud of progress so far.

This year: 
I have lost 57.1 pounds!
I have lost 8 inches from my chest, my waist, and my hips.
I have gone from size 4X pants (28s were too small) to pants ranging from 20-24.
I have gone from 3XL t-shirts to regular XL shirts.
I ran my first 5K in 50 minutes.'ve been waiting for pictures!  The first two are both in my"before and after" outfit.  The second set includes me in clothes that currently fit.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

What a difference a year makes!

I've mentioned that my brother's illness was the catalyst for the start of my journey to health. Here's an update.

Thanksgiving marked one year from when my oldest brother walked into the hospital with blood sugars over 800, pneumonia, and fever over 108 degrees for 5 hours. He was admitted in the ICU and put into a medically induced coma. My husband and I drove for almost 24 hours straight in hopes of seeing my brother alive one more time.

His entire body was shutting down: septic shock, blood born staph, congestive heart failure, MERSA, and organ shut down. He was on a ventilator and dialysis. 

The doctor gave him a 10-20% chance of survival. This was not recovery--the doctor didn't expect him to recover.  We left California not knowing if he would survive.

When they woke him up from the coma (it took four days!) he realized his best friend was really the love of his life (she had been there all along). They scheduled a tracheotomy--which meant an end to his singing. But the was able to fight through.

After 3 weeks in ICU and 45 days in the hospital, he was released. It's been a slow process, and he's had some difficulties along the way. But he not only survived, he is growing stronger every day.

The day Shawn went into the hospital, his daughter found out she was pregnant. She had had multiple miscarriages after the birth of her daughter 5 years before. Sadly, she miscarried before her Daddy left the ICU.

Today, just over a year after that fateful day....Makenzie Elizabeth was born. My brother not only survived, be he lived to welcome his new granddaughter. And my niece has been blessed with a daughter.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I discovered this month the benefit of well fitting clothing.  I  have not really lost any weight in 2 months.  I hit just under 250 on September 6th.  Today, I weighed in at 249.3.  While I wish I had lost weight the past two months, I am thrilled that my number has not gone up.  Life has become complicated lately.  In October, I spent a week working the Eastern New Mexico State Fair (raising money for my band student's account).  I also spent a week in training in Albuquerque.  This meant eating out every meal.  And no time to exercise---except for the night we all went dancing together!

Anyway, while in Albuquerque, I bought some XL Old Navy shirts.  In the past two weeks, I have had more compliments and comments about my weight loss than I've had all year. 

One of my favorite cheerleaders (who sees me regularly) sent me this note on Facebook:
I didn't catch you after church yesterday...but I just had to tell you that you are looking sooooooooo good! I know the road is hard at times...but this is building such perseverance in you and the fact that you are sticking w/it and being faithful to the God who built your "temple"...I think He's so pleased Love ya!!
Another, who I haven't since before the transformation began (she moved away), sent this after a posted a picture from Halloween:
You look amazing!! What are you doing?
Even my boss' mother-in-law (who attends my church) caught me coming in on Sunday and commented on my weight loss.

So the moral of the story is:
When you have lost a bunch of weight--make sure you update your wardrobe!!

The first picture is a face comparison. Our church uses a networking software program called Church Community Builder (CCB). About a year or so ago, I added a picture. Last week, I decided it was time to update the picture on my profile.
The lighting is awful, but here's a comparison. The blue shirt is one of the Old Navy XL's I mentioned.